18 May 2015

“MOMO” shopping centre is the nominee for professional “Realt Golden Key 2015” award in the category “Best Shopping Centre Under Construction”. A new facility is situated on one of the main traffic arteries of the capital - Partizansky avenue, two minutes walk from “Mogilyovskaya” underground station. The complex includes more than 30,000 square metres of retail space, 130 shops and service facilities, about 15 catering facilities, an entertainment centre for the whole family, as well as ground parking and a heated underground parking for more than 1,000 cars.


The construction of the facility, which is unique for Belarus, has already caught a genuine interest of the area residents, because there is neither large hypermarket nor entertainment centre on the surrounding territory. The representatives of Foreign Unitary Enterprise “BelWillesden” announced when an unusual shopping centre “MOMO” would open and what it would be.

The main objective of the project was the desire of “BelWillesden” to build a really high-quality facility, which will be as close as possible to the European standards, with the aim to attract famous brands and companies, which so far have not been in Belarus.

– We are well experienced in the construction of retail facilities in the country: we have implemented 6 “Gippo” hypermarkets and 4 supermarkets. But in this case we did not want to erect another faceless “box”; we had a great desire to do something special, bright and spectacular, – commented “BelWillesden”.

Thus, the final project of “MOMO” shopping centre has been developed based on the best practices of Belarusian and Austrian architects. It is already clear that the finalized building will give a special appeal to the area, because the idea is really stunning: the change and play of colours on a complex “broken” facade, unusual lighting of the building at night hours, original stylistic and colour design solutions. “MOMO” is not only a useful facility, necessary for the area, but also a true architectural masterpiece.

The interior design of the facility has several visual accents and composition dominants: “green” columns, water cascades, spacious light-flooded atriums. Moreover the main entrances of the shopping centre are placed in the corners of the “triangle” formed by bright shopping galleries.

In addition to aesthetic function, a lot of attention has been given to create maximum convenience and loyalty to the new facility. The site is located at the entrance to the city from the side of two regional centres and a large city of Bobruisk. This direction is a very busy one, car traffic is intensive. Therefore, “BelWillesden” organized a bypass road and an additional exit from “Mogilyovskaya” underground station with the aim to ensure a comfortable access and exit for the customers and employees of the shopping centre.

By the way, the idea of ​​maximum convenience can be traced throughout the project of “MOMO” shopping centre. During the designing stage even the parking lots have been expanded to the maximum. The shopping centre will have a heated underground parking, equipped with a system informing about the availability of free parking places, as well as ground parking with a sufficient number of parking lots, navigation and pedestrian paths for the customers.

In total, the building has three levels: underground parking and two floors of shopping and entertainment. The basic concept of the shopping centre is customer care. For example, “MOMO” is equipped with lockers for personal belongings, wardrobe and wi-fi zones. The customers can address friendly and attentive Infocentre employees, if there is a need to get some information. For the customers with babies there is Mother’s room organized.


The following operators are anchor tenants of “MOMO” shopping centre: “Gippo” hypermarket, supermarket of household appliances, children's clothing and footwear stores, as well as a children's entertainment centre. On the second floor of “MOMO” there located a food court for 6 operators, offering a varied menu and “Sushi House” – a popular cafe of oriental cuisine. “Ti Amo” coffee house will open at the end of the gallery, where the customers will be able to have a cup of aromatic coffee while seating at the tables placed along the area of ​​the second light, and have a look at one of the major traffic arteries of the city – Partizansky avenue – through large stained glass. On the first floor of the shopping complex there will be “Garage” café and a popular confectionery “Cinnabon”.

The concept of the project is to create a convenient, useful and interesting area to spend time with your family. The abbreviation “MOMO” in Russian means МОй Молл (which corresponds to “My mall” in English).

– We want people to come to us not only for shopping, but also to have a good time. The shopping centre has all the necessary entertainment for children, shopping and recreation are combined. The slogan of our project – “MOMO” loves you! – said the developer.

By the way, the slogan of the ambitious project is aimed not only to the customers of the shopping centre, but also to the tenants. The shopping centre is equipped with a robust and modern ventilation system with heat recovery and extra air conditioning, analogue addressable fire alarm system, video surveillance Bolid. For the tenants there are separate unloading areas, with the organization of goods transportation to the 2nd floor with the help of cargo elevators, heated parking, and convenient navigation.

In the technical solutions, both for the galleries and for the premises of retail operators a lot of attention was given to create the microclimate; the navigation inside and outside the building has been carefully designed.

The commissioning of “MOMO” shopping centre is planned for September-October this year. Now all the construction work is activated, there is a strong team working at the site. That is why the representatives of the developer are sure that the facility will be commissioned exactly on time. And on the occasion of the opening there will be festivities, competitions, prizes and gifts.