There are only few months left until the shopping centre is open

27 July 2015

Renting a space in “MOMO” shopping centre. There are only few months left until the shopping centre is open

“МОМО” is one of the most extraordinary shopping centres that are under construction in Minsk. It is impossible to confuse the building of the shopping centre with anything else – even today a bright “broken” facade calls passersby’s attention to itself. The residents and city authorities are eagerly awaiting the opening of the new facility, as there are no large shopping centres in the surrounding area. The representatives of the developer - the foreign unitary enterprise “BelWillesden” - in turn, noted: “We guarantee that the facility will open already in the autumn of 2015”.

Today, construction capacities at the facility are fully activated: more than 700 builders are employed at a construction site on a daily basis, the machinery works incessantly. The construction site resembles a real ant hill, everywhere there is the sound of hammers and drills. The developer is aimed to achieve a brilliant result:

- The readiness stage of the complex is already 70%, and we are more than confident that in October the new shopping centre will open its doors to the first customers. The work is a little bit complicated by the fact that we are still in search of the most innovative and successful solutions. We thoroughly study foreign experience, constantly improving the project, because we want SC “MOMO” to become a real example of the Belarusian market of commercial real estate, we want to make a gift to the city in the form of a high quality facility, which is close to European standards - Igor Jakubovich, Deputy Director General-Head of Expansion Department, said.

One of the major advantages of the shopping centre under construction is its location. SC “MOMO” with “GIPPO” hypermarket on the ground floor is being built within the Minsk Ring Road on one of the main highways of Minsk - Partizansky Avenue, near Mogilyovskaya underground station. Much attention was paid to create maximum convenience in the new trading facility and loyalty to it. The construction site is located at the entry to the city from two regional centres and a large city of Bobruisk; the direction is very busy, car traffic is intensive. Therefore, for a comfortable entry and exit of the customers and employees of the shopping centre, "BelWillesden" implemented an access road and an additional exit from “Mogilyovskaya” underground station.

According to the estimates of the managing company, the traffic to the shopping centre will reach 30 thousand people a day. A lack of competition – there is no other functioning trading facility or the trading facility under construction of such a caliber in Zavodskoy district – will allow developing in the shortest possible time.

SC “MOMO” includes more than 30,000 square meters of retail space, 130 shops and service facilities, a food court for 360 seats, an entertainment centre for the whole family, as well as ground level parking and heated parking for more than 1,000 cars. The motto of the project: SC “MOMO” is the best place for shopping and rest with family and friends, where you are loved and taken care of. The wishes come true in “MOMO”.

Today, the filling of the complex is being formed. About 50% of the space has already been rented. Thus, 70% of the food court is filled; “Garage” cafe, “Ti amo” coffee and pastry shop and “Cinnabon” café and bakery will open in the new shopping centre. Two new projects that are new for Minsk – “Mama Doma” café and “Simon’s food” (oriental cuisine) – will be implemented at the food court.

The area for two more operators still remains vacant.

“GIPPO” hypermarket, “Elektrosila” household appliances supermarket, clothes and footwear stores, as well as children’s entertainment centre are the anchor operators of the shopping centre. In addition to this, the facility assumes an open zone to organize pop-up stores; thematic, seasonal, festive fairs and exhibitions, etc.

— We plan to carry out various marketing activities every week. The shopping centre will be advertised 365 days a year. This is a good marketing ploy that will maximize the interest in our trading platform, and will provide a full workload of the shopping centre - Svetlana Shcherbakova, Shopping Centre Manager, explains.

There is retail space from 50 to 2,500 square metres that can be rented in “MOMO”. The representatives of the managing company treat every tenant with care:

— We want not only customers, but also tenants feel comfortable in SC “MOMO”. We deal individually with each client of ours, we select the most appropriate conditions, help with design solutions. Thus, much attention has been paid to the microclimate. One of the innovative air conditioning systems functions in the shopping centre. In order to ensure the comfort of customers and employees of the shopping centre, there are 3 escalators, 3 pairs of elevators and a travolator allowing ascending from the underground parking. Moreover, "MOMO" will be equipped with lockers for personal belongings, a cloak room and seating areas with Wi-Fi, as well as mother’s room.

As mentioned above, the new facility will open its doors to the first customers already in October this year. The representatives of "BelWillesden" are preparing a real holiday:

- So far the intrigue remains, the format of the event will be known immediately after the opening of the shopping centre. However, we promise that this will be a real celebration for the whole family, because “MOMO” loves you!“"