Tenants told why they selected SC “MOMO”

17 September 2015

Which shopping centre to go to? Tenants told why they selected SC “MOMO”

Every now and then scandalous materials appear on the news informing that none of the retail facilities under construction in Minsk will be commissioned this year. Companies are at the crossroads: what is to be done? Where to go and not to regret it? Why is it SC “MOMO” that they have chosen?

Irina Kiriyak, Head of Expansion Department of ZAO “MTBank”:
— SC “MOMO” has a very convenient location: within walking distance of underground, a large number of public transport routes, spacious parking. The abundance of shops is a strong attraction centre for prospective customers. Moreover, there was no branch of ours in Zavodskoy district of Minsk. Now our customers can use modern financial services with comfort and there is no need to go to another district of the city. It should be mentioned that we work hard to be closer to our clients and we continuously expand our presence: on August 26th, we opened a new branch in Svetlogorsk. And in October, we would like to invite everyone to our new cash processing centre in “MOMO” shopping centre. In addition, MTBank will take part in the festive program, which is being prepared by the shopping centre. Everyone who will come to the cash processing centre will be given a present: the cards “Halva” and “Halva+” will be issued absolutely free of charge during the whole week.

The representatives of “Elektrosila” retail chain:

— SC “MOMO” is the first true shopping complex in Zavodskoy district. The location of the facility is optimal both for those who live in Minsk and those who visit the capital. SC “MOMO” meets our basic requirements - the maximum accessibility for the residents of nearby districts, availability of parking, certain requirements for the premises in order to create the maximum comfort for our future customers. We expect that SC “MOMO” will soon become the centre of attraction, the place for great shopping and leisure for all the citizens.
Opening a new store is always a step forward to more modern product presentation and merchandizing concepts. The new store, one of the first, will have an area for online shopping, it will also offer an expanded range of related products.
For the opening of the store we are preparing a great deal of various special offers for our customers: discounts on products, promotions with gifts, products at special reduced prices and other equally attractive offers. In particular, all the customers will be given a cumulative card of “Elektrosila” retail chain as a gift.

“Garage” cafe:
- Currently there are nine “Garage” cafés operating in Minsk. The cafés are functioning almost in every district of the city. We could not leave the residents of the area near “Mogilyovskaya” underground station without a “Garage” café, therefore it was decided to open a new café in "MOMO" shopping centre.
Each of our cafés has its unique design - each “Garage” is dedicated to a particular car model. Somewhere it is Renault, somewhere Honda, Mini Cooper, Nissan, etc. A new “Garage” in “MOMO” shopping centre will also have a unique spirit - its design will be in the style of a Volkswagen. And at the opening of a new café we promise a real celebration for all our Garage-fans.

Gennady Tuimatov, a representative of “Cinnabon” bakery café:
— Nowadays “MOMO” is one of the largest shopping centres in Minsk, therefore, similar to the other construction sites of such a level, CINNABON is to open its bakery here. By the way, this will be the first bakery café in our city in a brand new, modern style, due to the global rebranding of the entire chain.
The café in "MOMO" shopping centre will be not big, but cozy one. Here you will always be able to taste the freshest hot pastry, just out of the oven; or if you wish, you will be able to take it with you in a cinnapack – in a convenient and beautiful package. “Cinnabon” is a world-famous brand of the most delicious cinnamon rolls. Customers of different age and from different countries are always delighted with the freshness, aroma and appetizing appearance of the rolls. “Cinnabon” unites more than 1,200 bakery-cafés in more than 60 countries all over the world, and its popularity continues to grow. Due to its diverse range of treats, “Cinnabon” surprises its visitors and constantly receives well-deserved recognition.

The construction of “MOMO” shopping centre is already at the finish line: about 700 specialists are working at the construction site every day, the machinery is buzzing incessantly, the work on the facade is being completed, interior finishing is being carried out at a full speed. Bright billboards that adorn the city’s streets are also informing about the forthcoming opening.

Svetlana Shcherbakova, Shopping Centre Manager, told Realt.by about the stage of construction of SC “MOMO”, relationships with the tenants and the grand opening of the large-scale facility:
— There is one month left till the opening of the shopping centre that is why all the construction and finishing work at the facility is activated to the full extent. Just in a few days, we shall finalize the work with the façade, the signage will be mounted already this week. Travelators, elevators and escalators are being installed. This week, we shall complete the glazing of all the entrance groups, tiles will be installed all over the shopping centre.

— The occupancy of the facility has a positive trend. Today, the occupancy of the ground floor is more than 70%, of the first floor – about 45%. We work closely with each of our tenants, we discuss the concept and project design of the shops linking the construction readiness of the facility with the tenants’ readiness. Just in a few days the glazing of the windows will be completed, then the tenants will be able to do the interior decoration of their blocks.

— As for the grand opening of the shopping centre, we want to make a real celebration. The obligatory program will include a circus performance; there will be a lot of surprises and gifts for all our visitors. In addition, we want none of our tenants remains unnoticed - during the celebration the opening of each boutique will be announced.⁠

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